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    Sports Specific Tshirts is a unique brand that weaves sports ( team and individual) and self expression together with apparel. It's more than just apparel it's a sense of self. It's outwardly showing passion for a sport whether you're a novice/amateur or professional. 




    Chandra, The CEO and founder of Sports Specific Tshirts, LLC has a story behind the brand that sets it apart from the others.

    I was born in Southern California and raised in a small town in Oregon where I developed a passion for sports and being outdoors. A town where high school sports were extremely popular and summers provided the perfect weather for water skiing, rafting, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, wake boarding, etc. After all it "is the climate!"

    In elementary school I was a shy kid without a big voice. I didn't have many friends. As I flew through the lonely ranks of elementary school and upon entry into Junior High School I didn’t want to be that girl without any friends. The summer before making the switch to Junior High School I asked my older, wiser sister what to do in order to make some friends. Her suggestion plain and simple was, “All the popular kids play sports!” What a simple fix, why didn't I think of that? I immersed myself in sports which brought out my ability to come out of my shell, find my voice, and really excel. Basketball, track & field, and cross country prepared me to transition smoothly from junior high school to high school with confidence and ease.
    All throughout high school I played basketball, soccer, and softball and even took my talent and love for basketball to the college ranks. After college, I left Oregon for the sunny coast of Southern California. It was there that my love and passion for sports was challenged with a friendly dare to try out for a women’s tackle football team. Upon trying out I was hooked on the action packed intensity of the game. I played for three different teams before injuries ended my career.
    Sports and fitness continue to play a huge role in my life, giving me the confidence and self-esteem that could not be found elsewhere. The feeling of being part of a team is undeniably rewarding, yet I still longed for my own individual style off the court and away from the pitch. In 2009, I began searching for a shirt that was sports minded with an individualistic feel, but my search yielded no results. Still, here in 2016, there is no such product. My resolve has been to put my creative ideas onto a finished product that incorporates sports minded self-expression and clothing. Thus my athletic style and love for the game has evolved into Sports Specific Tshirts.